How to plod through the ‘best years of your life’

I am 21, living in Stroud, a small town where I have lived my whole life (bar a year in Bristol, 6 months in Weston-Super-Mare and a brief encounter with Cheltenham). I love music first and foremost, fashion, being social and a Chinese. I’ve tried lots of things, but like most 21 year olds (and most people in general) I still have no fucking idea what I’m going to do in my life. Here’s a load of advice that I should be taking myself, but am giving to you instead.

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Outfit #1: Orange and Camo

Most of my clothes either come from charity shops or hand-me-downs. I’ve taken each item of my outfit and found similar if not the same items from high-street stores for you to cop.

Waking up and choosing my outfit is one of my favourite parts of the day. In fact, it was probably what I fell asleep thinking about the night before. What look am I going for tomorrow? What haven’t I paired together yet? Orange and camo? Maybe.

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Learning to take each day as it comes

One of the hardest lessons I have ever learnt and am still in the process of learning, is how to take everyday as it comes.

When I was a kid it was much easier. My felt tip pen’s drying out, laying out my teddies to play teachers and whatever else kids think about – blissfully un-aware of the happenings around me. Then we run into death, love, partying, failure and suddenly are hit with reality, not everything is as simple as once seemed… Shit.

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