Outfit #8: Checkmate

I found this dress in a local charity shop and once again, I cannot find anything remotely similar but I have added some links to some other out-there prints for you to try. Paired with some simple trainers and a good pair of earrings and you’re onto a winner.

If you like to stand out, bold and in-your-face prints are perfect and you should definitely have something like this in your wardrobe. It’s most certainly a head-turner.

And yes, I know, I’m a flag or a chess board or a kitchen floor.

this outfit cost me roughly £4 (Not including shoes)

Outfit #7: In the streets of Amsterdam

Vintage shop full of colourful clothing

This is for inspiration only as I could not find anything on the whole of the world wide web that even slightly resembles anything I’m wearing in this photo – which in any other circumstance is absolutely ideal.

The yellow polo is from a vintage shop called Time Machine Vintage in the centre of Amsterdam and it is the best shop I have ever been to. Everything from branded polo’s to beautiful 80’s trousers (mine). The rails are perfectly colour coded and the owner has picked out only the very best and most unique items of clothing to sell to his buyers. It was truly wonderful.

To top it off the 80’s shirt says ‘TO BE “IN”‘ which I just love.

this outfit cost me roughly £4 (Not including shoes)

Outfit #5: 90’s graff

This is another favourite of mine (are you getting the hint that I’m a fan of the nineties yet?).

I bought the tee for about £2 from a charity shop years ago and unfortunately, the flared tracksuit bottoms are also a charity shop find (£4). Fortunately for you, I found them new and linked them below. UNfortunately they’re £55.

You can create this look with any bright sports tee and flares, whether they’re tracksuit bottoms or not, a pair of trainers and you’re done.

this outfit cost me roughly £4 (Not including shoes)

T-shirt £25: https://bit.ly/2WQ39I8

Trainers £49.99: https://bit.ly/2WsKWko

Flares £55: https://bit.ly/2HXVGhW

Outfit #4: Pretty in red

Hands down the nicest dress I have ever bought.

I bought it from a thrift store in Paris. It was like something out of a film; hundreds of people shouting and throwing clothes over their shoulders whilst the shop owner sat with her legs on the counter smoking a cigarette and looking content. The shop assistants were pulling clothes out of black bags to restock the rails. It was absolute carnage and a taste of heaven at the same time.

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